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In Cosmos ecosystem, there are many blockchains that uses IBC to exchange messages with each other, hence the name Internet of Blockchains.

The same principal can be applied to a project made with Komple Framework. We can call it Network of Modules. Modules are smart contracts that work together by sending messages to each other to form a network of contracts under one project.

There are different modules for different needs such as:

  • Hub Module for registry and resolution of module addresses within the framework
  • Mint Module for managing different collections and minting
  • Merge Module for minting tokens but burning some in the process

This modular approach allows the framework to operate freely without putting too much responsibility to a contract and making it complex.

A simple project example made with Komple Framework can be showed as:

Project Structure in Komple Framework

In the upcoming pages, we will explore what these modules are and how they are used.